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Info for native speakers

What we are

HORIZON is a quality English language services institution based in two cities, Radomsko and Piotrków Trybunalski, in central Poland. We have been in existence since 1992, which - among other factors - has established us as one of the leading schools on the local market.

Whom we seek

We seek 1 - 2 qualified native speakers of English from Great Britain or Ireland and we are in a position to offer employment at HORIZON throughout the academic year. Our overall recruitment policy is to employ teachers whose qualifications comply with the following standards: RSA CTEFLA / CELTA / Trinity / RELSA (or equivalents = course min. 80 hrs, 6 hrs observed TP ) / university or college degree optional

What we offer

The usual package offered to native speakers at HORIZON comprises:

  • contract binding:  1st Sept. - 30th June
  • teaching load: 18hrs - 30 hrs weekly (1 hour = 45 mins)
  • pay per hour: 30 - 40 PLN
  • accommodation: provided / not paid by the school
  • travel expenses: not covered by the school

Further requirements

Let it be noted that the school's recruitment policy is quite strict. What we take into consideration is, apart from the formal qualifications, the candidate's linguistic (Polish teachers) and methodological (non-native / native speakers) capacity, the latter being initially tested by means of a test, specially designed by our Methodology Consultant. Should you show further interest in our offer, the test can be sent to you and - having been filled in by you - sent back via e-mail.

Last but not least, prior to signing a contract with HORIZON each candidate is requested to conduct a 'demo lesson'. Such lessons are normally conducted before 1st Sept., with one of our summer course group. The candidate is supposed to prepare a lesson plan, run a session of about 45 mins, fill in a self-reflection sheet and discuss the lesson with the MC. The final terms of employment will depend to a large extent on the outcome of such a lesson.

How to apply

CONTACT: send your application with a copy of the CV to Piotr Pacholik, DOS / Head Of

School at: radomsko(malpa)horizon(kropka)edu(kropka)pl or to the following postal

address: P.P.J.O. "HORIZON", ul. Starowiejska 33, 97-500 Radomsko, POLAND