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There comes a time when you have to start looking for a job. You may want to earn some money for your personal expenses ( books, CD's, etc). Perhaps you need to earn money to pay your fee for university courses. Or maybe you want to rent a flat and start off an independent life among other anglophiles. Anyway, it's always good to know how to go about looking for a job. Here are some useful tips.

First you need to select your future employment. You may want to have a :

  • temporary or permanent job,
  • with regular or flexible hours,
  • indoor or outdoor,
  • a job which involves working with people or machines, etc.

Once you've decided what job would be of some interest to you, look for job adverts. For example:

HOP requires a bartender Somebody with pleasant personality and ability to smile is required 4 days a week for a busy bar. Ł 320- 400 p.w. Previous bar experience would be an advantage. Apply to: 88 Harvey Place 11- C London

IDP looks for a SECRETARY for deputy director. Excellent typing skills. Good command of English and French essential. # Salary negotiable # Excellent benefits Please phone for appointment Sarah Grunt 020 7485 17777

Have you found a job advert of particular interest to you? Well done! Now, you need to submit your CV or Curriculum Vitae. How is a typical CV written? We'll tell you next time. So, see ya!

  • pleasant personality - miła osobowość
  • good command of English and French essential - konieczna dobra znajomość języka ang. i franc.
  • previous experience - poprzednie doświadczenie
  • p.w. - per week - tygodniowo
  • salary negotiable - wynagrodzenie do ustalenia
  • advantage - przewaga / zaleta
  • appointment - umówione spotkanie
  • CV- Curriculum Vitae